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Sigma Sport Rox 9.0

Sigma Sport Rox 9.0
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Sigma's Rox 9.0 delivers all the data you need to give you the most efficient ride possible and then downloads it all to your PC when you're done! It's stuffed with all the features you need to take your workout to the next level, including cadence readings, speed, heart rate measurements and target HR zones, as well as temperature, altitude and ascent/descent. With Sigma's smart 3-channel wireless transmission system, you can also read multiple measurements such as speed, cadence and pulse, at the same time without interference, and you'll love the included docking station and Data Center software which easily transfers all your trip data to the PC!

Current, Average and Maximum speed
Current/Average speed comparison
Trip distance
Odometer bike1, bike2 and combined
Ride time bike1, bike2 and combined
Programmable countdown timer forward/back
Current altitude
Total altitude/day, uphill/downhill
Total altitude uphill/downhill, bike1, bike2 and combined
Total altitude bike1, bike2 and combined
Maximum altitude, bike1 and bike2
Total distance uphill/downhill, bike1, bike2 and combined
Total ride time uphill, downhill, bike1, bike2 and combined
Programmable trip section counter
Current, Average and Maximum heart rate
Heart rate zones (3)
Graphic display of HR zones
Automatic calibration (via altitude, 3 starting altitudes and air pressure reduced to sea level)
Audible zone alarm
Total calories, bike1, bike2 and combined
2 favorites functions, Favorites A and B (choice of 10 functions each)
PC Interface
Transfer via USB
7 trips memory (PC function)
Separate logbook (PC)
78-hour memory capacty (PC)
Adjustable save interval (5-10-20-30 s.) (PC)
Remaining time for selected save interval (Pc)
Waypoints (PC)
Data Center software
Individual memory analysis (via software)
Compairoson of 2 individual memories (software)
Summary of total values
Print all analysis
Graphic analysis of cycled trip via software
Analysis of HR zones distribution (software)
Backup function/through saving chip
Text display in 5 languages!

Sigma's 3-channel wireless transmission system sends Speed, Cadence and Heart Rate measurements in digitally encoded data packages to integrated receiver in the computer head, providing more accurate ride data without interference between channels

Part Numbers

750220091707 09170 210000000500