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Giant Contact SLR Aero Integrated Handlebar

Giant Contact SLR Aero Integrated Handlebar
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Giant is a world leader in carbon and their Contact SLR Aero Integrated Handlebars are as masterfully engineered and performance-enhancing as they are beautiful. They boast an ultralight one-piece, carbon handlebar/stem combo for the power transfer to climb more easily, jump out of the pack with ease and sprint for the win. They feature Giant's OD2 carbon technology for superior cornering stiffness and steering precision and come in a complete size run for finding your perfect fit. This dream bar/stem combo has rustproof stainless-steel stem bolts and it is also compatible with clip-on aero bars should you want to go even faster.

Which Width, Reach and Drop you prefer (see chart below) depends on your hand size, arm length and riding style. If you like what you're riding, simply match it as closely as possible. Handlebar Width is related to shoulder width. Riders usually prefer a handlebar width equal to the measurement between their shoulder blades, or slightly wider if they climb a lot or ride fast and hard. In general, deeper Drops and longer Reaches are appropriate for riders with long arms and large hands while narrow Drops and short Reaches fit smaller riders.



38cm/80mm: Drop = 120mm; Reach = 80mm

40cm/80mm: Drop = 120mm; Reach = 80mm

40cm/90mm: Drop = 130mm; Reach = 85mm

40cm/100mm: Drop = 130mm; Reach = 85mm

42cm/100mm: Drop = 135mm; Reach = 90mm

42cm/110mm: Drop = 135mm; Reach = 90mm

42cm/120mm: Drop = 135mm; Reach = 90mm

44cm/100mm: Drop = 135mm; Reach = 95mm

44cm/110mm: Drop = 135mm; Reach = 95mm

44cm/120mm: Drop = 135mm; Reach = 95mm


38cm/80mm: 340 grams

40cm/80mm: 345 grams

40cm/90mm: 349 grams

40cm/100mm: 357 grams

42cm/100mm: 389 grams

42cm/110mm: 401 grams

42cm/120mm: 406 grams

44cm/100mm: 414 grams

44cm/110mm: 419 grams

44cm/120mm: 421 grams