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Giant P-XCR0 27.5-inch Composite Rear Wheel
$578.00 $1,155.00 50% Off
Turn your XC bike into an XC rocket with Giant's light, stiff P-XCR0 27.5-inch Composite wheels. The go-fast magic comes from the wheel's 25mm-wide carbon, tubeless-ready rim — it's more than ready to slay your favorite trails. Giant supplies the aluminum hub shells, and DT Swiss provides their renowned star rachet internals, as well as their Aerolite bladed stainless steel spokes, and aluminum nipples for unparalleled ride quality, strength, and speed.
Giant TRX 0 27.5 Front
$332.50 $900.00 63% Off
The optimized carbon laminate in the new TRX 0 creates an optimized structure that delivers the perfect balance between strength and light weight. The result is efficiency and acceleration that gets you to the top of the mountain, while engineered compliance and vastly improved impact toughness ensure you enjoy the descent with confidence. - Hookless Design—Improves the consistency of the carbon structure and enhances overall strength - Rim Bead Reinforcement—Helps to disperse impact load and enhances overall toughness - Refined Inner Shape—Improves rim structure with redesigned smoother transitions - Precise Spoke Hole Reinforcement—Adds sufficient durability without adding additional weight - Dynamic Balanced Lacing—Enhances transmission stiffness for faster climbing and provides stiffer braking conditions for better control - Wider Rim Inner Width—Provides compatibility for higher volume tires to improve stability during hard cornering
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