Winter Training Options

Virtual Sweat

When the snow falls and the ice accumulates, indoor training is a great way to keep in shape. Virtual riding options have really improved, making trainer rides much more fun.

All three of our Papa Wheelies stores are Zwift Experience Centers. Come in to give the latest virtual setup a FREE spin, and let us show you how to get yourself setup at home no matter what your budget.


Total Price for a winter of training: $320

What you Need: CycleOps Mag Trainer, Bluetooth Sensor, Zwift App & Monthly membership

Time to setup: 20 minutes

Virtual 101

Any trainer will get you rolling. Add a smartphone App and a Bluetooth Speed & Cadence Sensor, and you will be sweating before you know it.

You won't get the benefits of  integrated variable resistance, and it won't feel like you are fully immersed in the virtual world, but it's a whole lot more motivating than staring at your basement wall.


Total Price for a winter of training: $700

What you Need: CycleOps M2 Trainer, Zwift App, Chromecast & Monthly membership

Time to setup: 30 minutes

Intermediate Virtuality

Stepping up to any of the new generation of SmartTrainer is a game-changer. While riding in the Zwift Universe on a non-smart-trainer is better than staring at your basement wall for an hour, having a trainer that makes it harder when the road goes up in front of you is a million times better.


Total Price for a winter of training: $1420

What you Need: CycleOps H2 Direct Drive Trainer, Zwift App, Apple TV 4th Gen & Monthly Zwift membership

Time to setup: 30 minutes

Full Immersion

A direct-drive trainer, like the CycleOps H2, is better than having a home studio Pro-level exercise bike. You get every last bit of feedback and resistance that a program like Zwift can offer, and you get to do it on your own bike, which is already setup exactly the way you want.

Adding a 4th Generation Apple TV to the mix gives you the ability to run the Zwift App directly on your TV.  Just plug in the H2 Trainer once the app is running and it will automatically pair speed, cadence, and power. Download the Zwift Companion App to your smartphone and you have a controller clipped onto your handlebar to make mid-ride adjustments.