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It's Service Season

   Now that the temperatures have dropped and the seasons have changed, it is time to bring your bike in for service. If you have purchased a bike from us since January 2017 it came with FREE Papa tune-ups for three years.

   Our Papa Tune Ups include checking the bike for safety, adjustments to shifting & braking, tires filled, and estimate given for necessary future services. If you have worn out a tire or need a new chain, cable or anything else there will be a charge for parts and the labor to install them.

   Text or call our Service Departments or email to schedule a FREE tune-up any time before the end of February (we charge $45 during our high season March 1 - September 30).

Portsmouth, NH:        Call or Text 603-427-2060
Wellesley, MA:              Call or Text 508-309-7001

   We gladly service bikes purchased at other bike shops too. For those who haven't purchased their bikes from us or have timed out of the free tune ups, come in now for quick turnaround time. Packages start at $90.00.* 

* In terms of e-bikes, we only work on battery-powered ones that use systems that we are trained to work on (Specialized Turbo, Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha, TQ, Mahle, Fazua).