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Welcome to Back Bay Bicycles & Papa Wheelies Bicycle Shop, where Service is the cornerstone of our business. We know that a well-tuned bicycle is a thing of beauty and one that isn’t working right can be frustrating and dangerous.

We have worked very hard over the past 25 years to grow our service business and become the best bicycle service department in northern New England. We were awarded #1 in Service by the Boston Tab in 2004, and we will continue to provide you with the best service available. Awarded Best of NH in 2015, you can also benefit from our expert service at Papa Wheelies in Portsmouth, NH.

With a combined 95 years experience servicing and selling bicycles, we will make your ride a smooth sailing machine! We also do custom bike builds, pro wheel builds, hydraulic brake, suspension service and repair as well as complete bicycle overhauls. 

Labor/ Hour
Labor Rate/ Hour: $60

Safety Check                                                                                                       50

Bike checked for safety, adjustments to shifting & braking performed, tires filled, frame wiped clean, estimate given for necessary future services.

Professional Service                                                                                           85 

Everything in the Safety Check, PLUS...

Perfect shifting, perfect braking, perfectly straight and round wheels, all bearings checked and properly adjusted, frame wiped down, drivetrain lubricated.

Signature Service                                                                                              125

Everything in the Professional Service PLUS...

Removal of drivetrain parts, cleaning of individual parts in Bio-Remediation Parts Cleaner, in depth cleaning of frame and wheels.

Complete Overhaul                                                                                           250

Everything in the Signature Service PLUS...

Complete teardown, cleaning of all individual parts in Bio- Remediation Parts Cleaner, rebuild, all labor. New cables and housing included. All other parts in addition. Mountain bike & full suspension options available.

Suspension Overhaul                                                                                        500

Everything in the Complete Overhaul PLUS...

Disassembly and inspection of Rear End/Linkage pivots, bearings and bushings. Overhaul of front and rear suspension (parts not included). Bleed and adjustment of hydraulic disc brakes.

Flat Fix

On the Spot Flat Fix

Give us 10 minutes and we'll get you rolling again!

Includes standard tube($10). *Extra cost for more expensive tubes, like fatbike, ultralight, long-valve, or for flats on bikes with bolt-on 3-speeds or electric bicycles. Other parts additional (tires, rim strips, etc.).

Install Tubeless Tire                                                                                       25

Price per wheel to install tire set up tubelessly

Does include 2 oz. of Stan's Tire Sealant. Does not include price of any other necessary parts (tubeless valve, tubeless rim strip, etc.)

Install and Remove: $35
Rebuild: $60-$90*
Adjustment: $15

Remove or Install Crown Race: $15

*Includes new bearings/ grease and thorough inspection of headset assembly.

Head Tube
Face and Ream Head-Tube: $50
Installation of Fork
Threaded Fork: $35

Non-Threaded Fork: $40

Front Suspension Fork Service
$65/ Hour plus any necessary parts. *Some suspension repairs may need to go back to the manufacturer for factory service.
Bottom Bracket
Install/Removal: $20-$35
Chase and Face: $60
Rebuild: $55-$85*

*Includes new bearings/ grease and thorough inspection of bottom bracket and cavity.

Install/ Remove: $25-$40

Install of One Crank Arm: $15

Cable & Housing
Install: $10-$35 *Varies - Internally routed cables may require aditional labor costs. 
Install/ Remove: $10
Frame Bearings:
Install Complete Bearings: $65/ Hour
Install/ Remove: $15-$25

Bend: $10

Install: $15

Use of IG-Pin or Master Link: $10

Install: $20
Adjustment: $15-$25
Bend Hanger: $15-$25

Install Pullies: $10

Rim Brake Install: $15/ brake
Rim Brake Pads Install: $10/ brake pad set
Rim Brake Adjustment: $10-$20
Disk Brake Adjustment: $15-$30/ brake
Disk Brake Bleed: $65 / hourly rate

Disk Brake Install: $25-$45 brake*

*Installation of Disk Brake assumes brake is has been bled and hoses cut to the proper length.

Labor for Wheel Build: $45-$85*
Truing: $15-$35
True and Spoke install: $25*
Hub Adjustment: $15-$30/ hub

Hub Rebuild: $45-$55

*Does not include the price of spokes, rim, or hub. Labor charges vary depending on the manufacturer and involved time.

Shifter Installation: $10-$25
Handle Bars
Install: $15-$35 

Cutting: $15-$30

Grips & Bar Tape
Installation of Grips: $10
Handlebar Tape Wrap: $15
Shoes and Cleats
Installation of Cleats: $15
Service Contract
LIFE TIME of FREE SERVICE for the life of original ownership of any new bicycle purchased; including two annual Tune-Ups consisting of brake, gear, and bearing adjustments, as well as wheel truing.

**Papa Wheelies Lifetime Tune Policy Change**
Effective 8/1/15
We have sold a lot of bikes over the years and every new bike we sell has always come with a life time of free of service, which by the way is pretty awesome! Due to the increased demands over the past two seasons it has been difficult to turn around service work in a reasonable time during our busy spring/summer months, and for this, we apologize. Because of this we have had to re-examine what "Lifetime" service really means. What it means is we want to continue to offer our valued customers the best and most beneficial service to go along with their new bike purchase. Going forward all Papa Tunes will be abolutely free during our slower months (August 1st - Febuary 28th). You can still bring your bike in anytime for a tune up, but in March, April, May, June & July you will have to pay a $25.00 surcharge. We thank you for your support and your business, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 603-427-2060 or by email at 

Extras subject to individual labor charges include; overhauls, drive train cleaning, spoke repair, parts and accessory installations, disk brake bleeding and suspension maintenance.

** Did you get a great deal on parts or accessories elsewhere? We're happy to help you out, but please respect our applicable labor charges for installs or service related needs.

***All prices are subject to change

Service Menu

Level 1



  • Check brakes
  • Check gears
  • Check bearings
  • Check tires & wheels
  • Check chain wear
  • Advise of faults
  • Quote for repair

    -A great pre season or pre race check

Level 2


Tune Brakes

  • Check pad condition
  • Set pad position
  • Adjust cables & center position of brake

Tune Gears

  • Check derailleur hanger
  • Set limit screws
  • Adjust cable tension

Additional Services

  • Air tires
  • Lube chain
  • Full bolt check

Level 3


Includes levels 2 as well as:

  • Adjust hubs
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust bottom bracket
  • True wheels
  • Full frame, fork and wheel wipe down
  • Lubricate all moving parts

Level 4


Our Most Popular Service!

Includes levels 2-3 as well as:

  • Soak and scrub chain and gears or replace drive system parts
  • Replace cables and housing (Parts free!)
  • Replace brake pads ($15 credit other than standard issue /disc pads)
  • Replace grips / bar tape ($10 credit other than standard issue)
  • Install tires and tubes (Parts additional - 15% savings)

This service level includes complimentary brake & shift cables and housing (A $45 value) including cost credit incentives for brake pad, grips, bar tape and tire & tube replacement. Plus - If you buy new tires and tubes you will get a complimentary spare tube.

Level 5



Includes all levels of service as well as:

  • Full disassembly of bike
  • Total overhaul of all major bearing systems (Parts additional - 15% discount)
  • Complete drive system soak and scrub or replace
  • Clean all parts, grease appropriately and reassemble